Robots and Daytons

by The Breaklites

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Before we get into anything else let’s just lay out the plain facts: “Robots and Daytons,” the new joint from the Breaklites, is the summer album for you to bump in the sunshine. This is the hot fire, you feel me? Now, that said, there are a couple of vital things you need to know before you press play. Nothing serious. Just a few friendly suggestions.

1. This one is the most important in my opinion. If you’re about to listen to this thing in the car then you’ve got to make sure you can roll all the windows down. Believe me when I say that the moment you hit the play button, the inside of your car is going to get hotter than it has ever been. And not just a little warm either, alright? I’m talking about melt-the-dashboard kind of heat. So unless you want to over heat – or even worse, burn up your fly new seat covers – roll every single window down before you get it started.

2. Next, a health concern: be sure stretch! Take some time to relax the neck and shoulders, especially. Every single person who listened to this thing before the official release reported mass amounts of unintentional head bobbing. This phenomenon kicked in from the first track to the last and it would not stop as long as the music was playing. The Breaklites have contacted a team of scientists who are looking into the cause of it, but thus far they haven’t been able to come up with any explanation. So in the meantime be careful! The Breaklites want you to enjoy their music, but not at the cost of a serious neck injury.

3. Last, but still very important: DPS, or Dance Party Syndrome, seems to be a serious side effect of this record. For some reason, everywhere this album gets played, dance parties inevitably form for as far as the music can be heard. With that in mind, think hard before you play it at school or work. I mean, if you’re in gym class and that game of badminton isn’t really doing it for you, then by all means pop this into the audio-video system and show everybody what time it is. I’m pretty sure your teacher will thank you for it whenever he stops twerking. And the same goes for the workplace. If you like your job, then wear headphones. If not, then maybe think about bringing a boom box on your next casual Friday.

So, that’s it. Follow those simple directions and you’ll be golden. Don’t, and there’s really no way to know what’s going to happen. But maybe that’s okay too. Whatever you choose to do, just remember that the power is in your hands now.


released May 29, 2011

All Songs Written by Cruel
All Songs Produced by John McRae

Recorded / Mixed / Mastered by John McRae at The CO OP

Artwork by Mike Corley



all rights reserved


The Breaklites Tacoma, Washington

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